Friday was Talk to a Stranger on an Elevator Day, which immediately sounded to Dana & Jayson like a job for Producer Jack. He hopped on the elevators here at the FM 949 building for a few hours to make friends, or completely freak people out. In the end, he accomplished at least one of these...
On Friday, we started a new segment on Dana & Jayson. Since Dana has never seen a single second of a single episode of Game of Thrones, we figured she was the perfect person to make some predictions about the upcoming episode. We watched along on Sunday night, and this morning, Jayson gave her...
​Is this real life? Dana & Jayson welcomed Mr. Mark Hamill back on the show this morning in preparation for his visit to San Diego this weekend for the dedication of #MarkHamillDrive in Clairemont. Mark gave us a ton of time this AM and talked about his upcoming visit Sunday, what movies he...
​The sadly short new season of HBO's Game of Thrones is in full swing. Jayson can't get enough and can't wait until Sunday, while Dana has still never seen even one second of a single episode. With a new episode premiering Sunday, we thought we'd play her the preview for the next installment, and...
​Taco Mode is a thing. The next time you're on your way home from a late night of drinking with your buddies, Lyft will let you engage 'taco mode' to let your driver know to swing by a Taco Bell drive-thru on the way to your final destination. Dana is disgusted. Jayson is excited. We hit the phones...
It's a star-studded week on the Dana & Jayson show, as this morning we invited Brandon Flowers from The Killers to give us a call to talk about the band, new music, and everything else going on in The Killers universe. Will Jayson try to sneak in a Friend Request? Check out the full interview...