​With so much negative news in the world, listening to your favorite morning show should be a nice escape. Unless your favorite morning show is Dana & Jayson. Another week, another opportunity for Jayson to rip off the band-aid and get all the negativity into the open so we can move on with...


What's your number? ​Dana has gotten Jayson and Producer Jack obsessed with a book on personality types called The Road Back to You. Even a fun Sunday afternoon at the beach was no match for conversation about our personality type numbers. It seems like all this new found information about our...


Some whack-o broke into a radio station in Wisconsin and shot one of the DJs in the ass. No, he wasn't mad because he wasn't the 10th caller for Cheap Trick tickets, he was upset about the music being played on the station. Since Dana & Jayson know you can't please all of the people all of...


​Some people carbo load, we news load. Every morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson piece together what little information they have into a full-blown news report. We take a handful of the most intriguing stories of the day and provide our own unique context and commentary, so you don't have to....


Sometimes, especially on a Friday, you just need to bro out. Since Jayson happens to be best friend with a female mother of three, this isn't always as easy as he'd like. To make sure he got his required allotment of testosterone, he used a pair of Friday night KAABOO Del Mar passes to lure a...


​Jayson is almost a week into married life, but as much as things change, the more they stay the same. While Dana & Jayson started off talking about weird wedding gifts, it quickly took a weird turn down a very insecure gift-giving road with both Dana and Producer Jack expecting more praise...