​If you're thinking about starting a family. Listen to this segment first. Each week on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson peel back the curtain on Dana's home life to find out what its like being the mom to three girls under the age of 10. What could possibly go wrong with a few boxes of Trader Joe's...
Jayson outed himself yesterday. During a random insult from Alexa, the voice of the Amazon Echo and leader of the AI Invasion, Jayson revealed that he has never seen the show Friends. This prompted an off-air conversation that found itself on-air this morning on Alt 949. The TV shows everyone tells...
What do you get when you take Dana, Jayson, Producer Jack, and a handful of out-of-work sitcom writers? This segment. You get this. Dana and Jayson should be a little more litigious next go-round, since their current contract at Alt 949 requires they use 'topical' jokes penned by the Dana &...
Most of the news, most of the time. Dana & Jayson hit the news, and luckily for them, it usually doesn't hit back. Each morning on Alt 949, we dive into a handful of the top trending stories of the week with our unique wit and wisdom. This morning, we found out what Alt band is getting their...
Dana just got back from an extended weekend away with her husband and NO kids. What did she do? Probably something awesome like laying on a beach and drinking umbrella drinks and getting it on, right? Nope. Soul Care. A conference in Colorado about deep connections, healing emotional wounds, and...