​Jayson followed through with his plans this 4th of July to binge the entire 8 episodes of Stranger Things' Season 3. Regardless of the fact he was vacationing in Palm Springs with his husband and family, he shut the whole thing down on Thursday, pulled the blinds, and powered through the...
​Dana survived the week. Starting at the beginning of last week, Dana was hosting her saintly mother in San Diego, and she made sure to pack a butt load of shade. It didn't really matter how far Dana went to help provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for her mother's latest trip to the...
​Just because Dana and Producer Jack didn't feel any of the seismic activity from the holiday weekend, didn't mean the show crew wasn't impacted. While the Padres v. Dodgers game continued right along, and newscasters in Los Angeles dove for cover, both Dana and Jack felt nothing here in America's...
​Jayson failed at filling the role of an Instagram husband. If you aren't sure exactly what that terminology is all about, it basically describes someone who helps curate your social media photos like a significant other should. While spending a holiday weekend in Palm Springs with his husband and...
There's a cold blooded criminal on the loose, and they're looking at a few decades in the big house for... licking ice cream. Despite the fact that Jussie Smolett and Felicity Huffman won't see jail time for their respective scandals, a woman who has been accused of opening and licking containers...
The United States Women's National Team are World Cup champions, and Dana DiDonato is left picking up the pieces. World Cup fever swept the nation yesterday with reports suggesting that as many as 40 MILLION people witnessed the American's victory over the Netherlands, including Dana's husband...