Jayson had the lamest Cinco De Mayo. Considering what an expert he normally is on drinking holidays, Jayson under performed yesterday, leaving Dana and Producer Jack scratching their heads. Since Jayson loves margaritas and tacos as much as he does, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary to find him in...
​The Russo Brothers said it was okay. During an interview on Friday on national television, the directors of Avengers: Endgame told the world TODAY was the cutoff for holding back on spoilers. They reasoned that giving Marvel fans two full weekends to see the final installment of the current phase...
​A lot of our Alt 949 listener family probably pushed their limits yesterday for Cinco De Mayo, but Jayson couldn't wait that long. Since Saturday, May 4th was a celebration for Dana's now 5-year-old daughter, Jayson took the opportunity to get turnt. A low-key family get together at Dana &...
Break open your brain and let Dana & Jayson drop some knowledge in there on a Commercial Free Monday with a little something called News to Us! Every day on Alt 949, our dynamically under-qualified duo dive deep into everything going on in the world to bring you the most interesting stories,...
Something happened in the Kentucky Derby that had never happened before, but you still probably missed it. Considering the biggest event in horse racing only takes a total of two minutes to complete, there is good chance you weren't glued to your TV to watch the 145th Run for the Roses, but for the...
Well, the most qualified people to weigh in on spoilers for Marvel's Avengers: Endgame have finally done so, and Dana & Jayson have some thoughts. The final word on the appropriate length of time to wait until openly discussing the major plot points of final chapter in the Avengers saga has...