​Some people like getting their sushi from a gas station, and some people like getting their news from Dana & Jayson. Although the high tier quality of a network newscast might be missing, they sure make up for it with a solid serving of panache. Every morning on Alt 949, they whip up a handful...
Apparently 1/3 of us take company holiday parties too far. With the season for frolicking with your co-workers in full swing, Dana & Jayson wanted to open up our judgement free zone and give our listener family a chance to clear the air. Let's Be Honest, we've all either been the victim or the...
​In some kind of fluke, Dana emerged victorious yesterday when D&J played 5 for 5, so Jayson is back with a vengeance. Every morning we let two members of our listener family play the easiest game on the radio. They pick their team, and sit back as Team Dana and Team Jayson battle it out for...
When news hits, Dana & Jayson hit back. Every morning on the Alt 949 News Network, they comb the bowels of the interweb to bring you a handful of the top trending stories of the day, all part of a complete breakfast. This morning we found out what science says you're doing with your daily...
Things can turn quickly when you're the mom to three sweet little girls under the age of 10. Even something relatively mundane and fun like picking the kids up from school can get twisted quickly when third parties insert themselves. Every week on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson pull back the curtain on...
Either you know a weird peeer, or you are a weird peeer. This may not be a scientific fact, but Dana & Jayson feel pretty confidant about it. It turns out there is at least one person D&J work with that has some weird bathroom behavior when it comes to going #1. Since our show is a...