Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack is trying to ruin his relationship. Again. Again, again, again. Whenever accusatory fingers are being pointed at D&J's well intentioned but often blind-sided Producer, they're most likely coming from Jayson. This morning, Jayson oversaw a rather private...
Just because a romantic relationship from your past didn't work out, that doesn't mean the people that helped shape and influence your present self are erased completely. Unless Jayson gets his way. When former All-Star and gazillion dollar man Alex Rodriguez stated that exes would be and should be...
​How long into a professional sports season can you really make any kind of predictions? The halfway mark? For Jayson Prim, it only took him one game to conclude that his boyhood favorite Dallas Cowboys are going all the way. If this sounds a little premature, you're right, and both Dana and...
​Bloodhounds sniff out clues, and Dana & Jayson sniff out news. To make sure you can cut through all the noise and the fake news, every morning on Alt 949, D&J get leashed up and catch the scent of the latest trending stories, and bring you a few of their favorites in a little something we...
If you already know what VSCO is, what it means, and what it represents, you probably are listening to a different morning show. Or at least that was the question this morning when Dana revealed the latest trend clogging up everyone's Instagram feeds. Knowing each member of the Dana & Jayson...