​Just because a film is made for kids, that doesn't mean it can't wreck adults. Over the weekend Dana caught the latest installment in the Toy Story saga, and she definitely didn't emotionally prepare herself. After adding up the total outbursts of uncontrollable at or around 4 episodes, Dana...
​Oh the humanity. Over the weekend, the worst nightmare for consumers everywhere was realized when Target stores EVERYWHERE suffered a technical issue that caused their entire electronic payment system to go down for two hours. Gasp. Luckily for the sanity in the Alt 949 studios this morning, Dana...
News hurts when you break it, unless you're wearing special gloves like Dana & Jayson have, so LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS! Every morning on Alt 949, our dynamic news duo grab a fine toothed comb and make their way through everything going on in the world, with the intention of picking out...
A Florida man is trying to set a World Record by viewing Avengers: Endgame 200 times while it remains in theaters, and obviously Dana thinks this is insane. Having already crossed over the 100 viewing threshold by catching several showings during every work week, and jamming in an additional 4-5...