Dana is a drama mom. In more ways than one. Her oldest daughter is auditioning for a Junior Theater production of Moana, and Dana is freaking out. The stakes are high, since this is her 9 year old's first foray into thespianism, and Dana is a little concerned that the potential rejection might...
​Dana is in a very unusual position, the lead. She has already pulled ahead in the win department for the week, but Jayson is hot on her trail when we set the stage for Thursday's game. The rules stay the same, two members of our listener family join Team Dana or Team Jayson, we put five seconds on...
​Are Dana and Jayson on the naughty or nice list with their personal trainer, Scary Stacy the Fitness Monster? After a thankless Thanksgiving check-in with Stacy, D&J have had a few more weeks to get in line, or out of shape, and Stacy is back to pick up the pieces. After ghosting their trainer...