The Netflix show that has become a phenomenon, Tidying Up, is ruining Jayson's life. After going out of his way to keep the organizational streaming series away from his O.C.D. husband, last night the damn finally broke. After an early bedtime for Jayson meant some solo streaming time for his...
​Dana got a bad Valentine's Day gift. Actually, she got three. A week after receiving some terrible but well intentioned gifts, Dana has some internal conflict about how to handle the situation, and what her social obligations are to her poor husband. Is asking for the literal receipt to return an...
​This morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson took a bit of a step out of the ordinary to address something serious in the news. After more information has come to light regarding Empire's Jussie Smollett and the attack he alleged occurred, Jayson has thoughts. Growing up gay and in the closet in...
Brace yourself. News is coming. Rather than giving you the same old boring information in the same old boring way, every morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson present a handful of their favorite trending stories of the day, appropriately caked with just the right amount of wit and wisdom. This...
​Who needs Brad Pitt when you have Jayson Prim? This weekend, our man Jayson set the falling bar pretty high with the latest in what seems to be a series of embarrassing prat falls. While representing Alt 949 out in the world, he lost his footing during the Panic! At  the Disco show Saturday night...