Producer Jack

Dana & Jayson, Mornings

When Producer Jack isn’t keeping Dana & Jayson in line and on the air with sharp wit and a furrowed brow on San Diego’s Alternative, he’s on the streets of America’s Finest City playing Drunk Girl Street Smarts, sticking a microphone in the faces of strangers to find out Whatcha Doin’ At The Courthouse, or taking the pulse of real San Diegans on the trending topics and news of the day. 

Jack is lovingly referred to by Dana and Jayson as the show’s human Disney character, and his warmth and personality keeps the masses informed with his string of adorably sarcastic Public Service Announcements and fake commercials. His repertoire of cartoonishness has included everything from Super Mario and Chuck-E-Cheese, to senior Buggs Bunny and Superman, to a slew of pirates, Canadians, famous authors, the twisted mind behind two dueling digital assistants, and anything and everything else Dana & Jayson can dream up.

A charter member of the Dana & Jayson family, Jack has been an integral part of the show since day one, and a part of the Alt 949 team for the better part of a decade. He’s a creative force of nature and a man of a thousand voices, but that’s just Producer Jack.

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