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Dana is one of the few lead female Hosts in Morning Radio.  Like most children of the 80’s, she grew up making mix-tapes on her Fisher Price Tape Recorder, but unlike other children, Dana would talk before every single song. It was clear that morning radio would be a fabulous venue for Dana.

One day during her senior year of college, Dana drove to a radio station in Roanoke, Virginia and asked the woman sitting at the front desk, “How do you get on the radio?”  That moment began her 14-year journey in an industry about which she couldn’t be more passionate. For the last 11 years Dana hosted the morning show on WBLI (Nassau/Suffolk County NY) While in Long Island, Dana received 2 Gracie Allen Awards and 3 years ago met her radio soul mate and disappointing gay best friend, Jayson. 

Dana, originally from New Jersey, has a big heart and on a daily basis may experience the full range of emotions.  Some might call that unstable, she just says, “I'm easily moved!”  She's a mom of 3 fabulous little girls and married the man of her dreams 13 years ago. 

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