My name is Alexia, born and raised in the Golden state. I have been on the radio airwaves my entire adult life. I knew radio was what I wanted to do from a young age mainly because I have always a big fan of music and just wanted to be around it. I’m a vocalist who loves to sing everything and I’ve... Read More

DJ Blue

“Purveyor of feel-good music.” That’s how DJ Blue describes himself as a DJ. Growing up in Long Beach, CA he became infused with love for hip-hop, Spanish and house music. Blue ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence. Today, this translates into sets where he picks apart and... Read More

DJ Carlos Culture

A very warm welcome to San Diego's most prolific reggae DJ: Carlos Culture!! and make sure to join us every Sunday from 10AM - 12 Noon for our new program "Kingston Sundays." Carlos is a reggae DJ with over 20 years experience here in San Diego. He has shared the stage with legends like Greggory... Read More


Dana is one of the few lead female Hosts in Morning Radio. Like most children of the 80’s, she grew up making mix-tapes on her Fisher Price Tape Recorder, but unlike other children, Dana would talk before every single song. It was clear that morning radio would be a fabulous venue for Dana. One day... Read More


Jayson is literally the son of a preacher man born in El Cajon, California, and being the middle of five kids, he always has strong opinions and a lot to say. His hilariously unique perspective has been shaped in large part by his gypsy-like upbringing from his time living on a Native American... Read More


"I'm extremely excited to start my journey with ALT 949! Alternative music has always been a passion of mine and I'm looking forward to diving into the new format and learning from the ALT 949 team. I can't wait to see everything that San Diego has in store for me." Alyssa earned her degree in... Read More


Most people know me because of my obsession with Craft Beer. Well I’m much more than just a beer drinking broadcast professional... On Fridays, I extend my on-air time and host " Rock & Roll Happy Hour " from 7pm to 8pm. Read More


Hey, it's Mookie, back on FM 949 doing weekends and fill-in! Read More


The only Jack Taylor that really matters. Those other Jack Taylors are clearly impostors. At some point Jack started doing Sunday nights on FM 94/9, and due to some managerial oversight nobody noticed. You can hear him saying things and pushing buttons every weekend on FM 949. Read More


Hey I'm Bryce you can hear me weekends and filling in on FM94/9. Introducing "Capes on Capes," a new podcast from FM 94/9's Hamby and Bryce. Read More


Hey it’s Janissia you can catch me on the weekends and filling in on FM 94/9. I was born and raised in the beautiful sunny San Diego... Read More


Hey, it's Mady! I do weekends and overnights on FM 949! Read More


Hey it's Nikki Preston! Come spend your Sunday Funday with me on FM 949! Read More

GLOW San Diego - KBZT-HD3

Keep up to date with GLOW San Diego! Sign up for GLOW'S EDM Dance Club here ! Get the Listen Live app for GLOW San Diego! It's FREE!​ Click or Tap here to download the app NOW! (If you're on desktop, you'll open the online player for GLOW.) Read More


An ideal is an unattainable standard to which you can aspire but never fully achieve. In that respect, it’s the perfect symbol of DJ IDeaL’s career. Despite his long list of accomplishments, he considers his journey in dance music to have only just begun. Upon watching him improvise behind the... Read More