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Casual Gamers - Samurai Jack Back To The Past

Part three of our four part series. Our good friend Ross Thompson from USAOpoly was kind enough to stop by and show us how to play some really great board games including this fun game, Samurai Jack Back to the Past. Our next episode will be the finale in this series, next week look for Thanos...
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Casual Gamers - Marvel Munchkin

We continue our playthrough of some awesome games that USAOpoly sent us. Over the Holiday break our good friend Ross Thompson from USAOpoly games came in to play Marvel Munchkin with us. Play more games and hear new episodes of the Casual Gamers Podcast weekly on Alt 949 and RADIO.COM.
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​Jayson is starting off the new year, with a new unhealthy habit. Well, he doesn't see it that way, but Dana certainly does. Normally he buries his feelings and stress with fast food and booze, but this year he's trying something new: GAMING. He purchased a Playstation 4, and is ready to dive into...

Casual Gamers - Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly

Couple of months ago our friends at USAOpoly in Carlsbad sent us a bunch of fantastic board games to check out. Over the Holidays we finally had a chance to sit down with our good friend Ross Thompson and check them out. First up is the 25th Anniversary Edition of Nightmare Before Christmas...
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Casual Gamers - Trailers from #TheGameAwards

The Game Awards were last night and more important than who the winners of the best games of 2018 was all the trailers and game announcements at the Awards show last night. Below are some of our favorites, lots to get hyped for Anthem Video of ANTHEM Trailer (The Game Awards 2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC...
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Casual Gamers - You Want a Canvas Bag with your Fallout?

This week's Casual Gamers podcast Jeremy and I discuss the Fallout from Fallout 76 launch including a lawsuit, poor PR and more. Plus gaming news with Pokemon Go trainer battles, Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC, RB Kareem Hunt removed from Madden, Dragon Age announcement coming soon, plus new...
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