San Diego

Since you literally and figuratively can't escape it, this morning on Alt 949, Jack decided to create a Coronavirus-Free zone, at least for an hour. Knowing you're getting plenty of wall-to-wall coverage pretty much everywhere else you turn, he decided to create a sounding board and a safe space to...
We all find ourselves in a pretty unusual situation with so much Coronavirus news, information, and MISinformation swirling around, that it isn't a shock that some people are acting unusually. Generally, Jack tries to stay pretty level headed about this type of thing, and outside of a little social...
​Jack is a notoriously frugal guy. He never owns more than three pairs of shoes or two pairs of jeans at the same time. He doesn't have expensive tastes and prefers a $1 food truck fish taco to a prime rib. And he drove the same crappy 1998 Toyota Carolla for over almost two decades. When Jack...
If you're a single man and you don't think you... measure up to most dating sites, Jack had some good news this morning on Alt 949. In 2020 there are dating sites and apps for just about any niche, including farmers, seniors, clowns, sea captains, and probably any other proclivity under the sun,...
A minor 4am freak out in the Alt 949 studio kitchen this morning lent itself to some quality content this morning on Alt 949. Having things that bug you about your job, your co-workers, or anything and everything involved with what you do for a living isn't a novel concept, but that doesn't mean we...
Just because Alt 949's budget doesn't allow for Jack to have his own team of investigative reporters out on the streets like one of those fancy late night shows doesn't mean he can't borrow one from Jimmy Kimmel. Now that SXSW, Coachella, the new James Bond movie, Baby Yoda toys, Costco samples,...
Omeed with Casual Gamers Podcast

Casual Gamers | Omeed from OP Group

Casual Gamers | Omeed from OP Group. The CEO of Online Performers Group joins us to talk shop
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Tame Impala

Tame Impala rocked San Diego

Tame Impala was in town the other night. Check out these gorgeous photos from the show.
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​Just because Jack bought a new car a few months ago, doesn't mean his predilection to hording has faded. In his life, and his job, Jack acquires a lot of stuff, and often times that stuff goes straight into the back of his car, never to be seen or heard from again. This morning, with a pair of...
Jack was up wayyyyy past his bedtime last night, and the only reason that was relevant this morning on Alt 949, is that he was having trouble keeping his peepers open. Normally 'school nights' are totally off limits for evening activities, but last night with Tame Impala in San Diego kicking off...