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Mighty Women come to Marvel Heroes Omega!

We got a new update to Marvel Heroes Omega on Console today. The Mighty Women Loot Boxes have launched featuring new costumes for some of the mightiest heroes from Marvel including Thor, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Storm! The Jane Foster Enhanced Thor costume is a personally favorite of...
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#MarkHamillDrive and #MarkHamillDay Ceremony in Clairemont Mesa

It's OFFICIAL! Here in San Diego we officially have a street named Mark Hamill Drive and July 30th has now been declared Mark Hamill Day in the City of San Diego! Blue Milk Lemonade for all! Mark Hamill himself came down for the Ceremony that was hosted by Councilman Chris J Cate of District 6 and...
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MHO Update - Black Cat Available and WIN Spider-Man!

Hey guys! We've got more new content on Marvel Heroes. Last week we got Nightcrawler, which with all the Comic Con coverage, I just missed. But this week Black Cat is now available! Check her out below AND a chance to win Spider-Man Homecoming Pack for Marvel Heroes Omega on Playstation is below...
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New Music Discovery: LIGHTS

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative Lights just released another new track off of her concept album, Skin & Earth called "Skydiving" While the album isn't expected until later this year, Lights' comic book series by the same name was just released on Wednesday (July 12). The song "Skydiving"...
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New Music Discovery: Nine Inch Nails

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative. New Music Discovery. Legends of Alternative. Nine Inch Nails - "LESS THAN" Video of Nine Inch Nails – LESS THAN
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Originally live streamed on Hamby's Twitch channel, so if you hear character voices and noises from the background we were playing Marvel Heroes Omega on Playstation 4 while doing the interview.  Check out the video!  Also you can win characters to play for FREE in Marvel Heroes Omega by texting "...

Hamby Interviews Brian Waggoner from Gazillion about Marvel Heroes Omega

ICYMI I was joined by Brian Waggoner Game Designer on Marvel Heroes. The game just celebrated their 4 year Anniversary on PC, but I've been playing it a ton on Playstation. Now out for both Xbox One and Playstation, and we have some Founder's Packs you can win to get you some new heroes in the game...
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Marvel Heroes Livestream - You Can Win Characters in the Game!

Hey guys! Join me tomorrow on my Twitch channel at Noon PST for a Marvel Heroes Omega livestream and Dev interview! I'll be joined by Brian Waggoner, Game Designer at Gazillion (p.s. he is also a vendor in the game!). Also you can win characters for Marvel Heroes Omega by texting "Marvel" to 61749...
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Hamby Plays Marvel Heroes Omega on Playstation

Today is the day! I've been playing the Beta for Marvel Heroes Omega on Playstation over the last month and having an absolute blast with the game! Today is the official launch for the game with it now being available on Xbox as well as Playstation. But then, if you are on PC you know this game is...
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