Cutting the Cord, Choosing Streaming Services on a budget

Capes on Capes podcast, which services would you get for $40.00?
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Casual Gamers - Ghostbusters Blackout with Designer Jon Cohn

This week on the Casual Gamers podcast Jeremy and I are joined by Game Designer Jon Cohn. Jon has designed games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Munchkin as well as Ghostbusters: Blackout from IDW Games here in San Diego. Jon talks to us about designing games, day jobs at wineries, working with...
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Casual Gamers Review Trapper Keeper Board Game

If you grew up in the 80's and 90's you probably had a Trapper Keeper at one point or another. Trapper Keeper was THE school folder/notebook to have with fun new designs each year, plenty of tabs for organizing your school day, and tons of room in the margins for doodles. From Big G Creative we now...
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Jeremy @ TwitchCon and a Blink-182 Show!

Over the weekend the live streaming website "Twitch" hosted their annual convention - TwitchCon here in San Diego. This was the first time Twitch has been back to San Diego since 2016 and they have already announced they will be returning to San Diego again next year in September, 2020. So if the...
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Casual Gamers Review Carpool Karaoke

Play more games! It's Hamby with the Casual Gamers podcast , new episodes weekly right here on Alt 949 and on the RADIO.COM app. Make sure you FAVORITE us to receive new episodes and updates! Big G Creative games was nice enough to send us a copy of their new game Carpool Karaoke. Yes, that is the...
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