Featured Beer: Daywalker Red Ale from Black Plague Brewing

Ah yes...nothing says "Happy Holidays" like The Plague--Black Plague Brewing to be more specific; a delicious red ale called Daywalker to be even more specific. Now, we know what you're thinking, dear beer geeks. But shouldn't you have a high octane imperial stout for December's featured beer?...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Booze Brothers and Owl Farm

​Tonight we're joined by Chris, Maurey and Fraser from the Booze Brothers/Owl Farm joint. Stay tuned for sticky-icky IPA's and succulent sours! Booze Brothers Penny Blonde Booze Brothers Good Guy Pale Ale Booze Brothers Buena Vista IPA Owl Farm Afternoon Zester Owl Farm Blackberry Cruiser Bonus...
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Rock & Roll Happy Hour: Black Plague Brewing Co

Tonight Co-Founder Jordan Hoffart skates his way into the studio along with brewer Aeryk and a cooler full of Black Plague brews. We got the cure for what's ailing (ale-ing?) you! Take a look at the lineup and tune in! Black Light Pilsner Hazy Scandal IPA The Offering IPA Bring Out Your Dead IPA...
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