Harland Head Brewer Ryan Alvarez and Koda share a Harland Export Lager

Featured Beer for the New Year: Harland Brewing Export Lager

Happy 2020, friends! We’re kicking of the new year by going old school. And by “old school,” this time we don’t mean a circa 1999 West Coast Style IPA (much as we love that style). No, we’re taking it all the way back to the old country with an old school-style lager that is so delicious you’ll be...
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Ken tries to decide if Koda is going to be naughty or nice as his pup eyes a can of Pine Bomb IPA

Featured Beer for the Holidays: Abnormal Beer Co. Pine Bomb IPA

How shall we describe this lovely old school IPA? “TREE-mendous!” “FIR-nominal!” “It’ll leave you PINING away for more!” How’s that for starters? This month’s featured beer comes from the jolly folks at Abnormal Beer Company who recently joined Ken & Jeremy on Rock & Roll Happy Hour . Sure...
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Here's to three years of growth at Burgeon!

Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Burgeon Beer (12/06/19)

One of the first things you notice upon walking into Burgeon’s tap room is the tree. A mascot of sorts, representing the fact that Burgeon is deeply rooted in San Diego and continues to grow great beers. Burgeon hit the ground running astonishingly fast when they started up three years ago and...
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