Comic Con

Infinity Begins - A Superhero Wedding Film

Wow. Imagine your love with your Significant Other as a huge Marvel Summer Blockbuster Epic of a movie. That's what Wonderlast Films did. This short movie is epic and not just for the special effects they used. There's a real story and lesson about love told through the story. When she imagines her...
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Twitch Streamer "Ninja" to Cover ESPN Magazine

Amazing. There is a reason that each week on the Casual Gamers Podcast, Jeremy and I talk about certain Twitch live streamers, like Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Ben "Doctor Lupo". Because thousands of people tune in directly to there live streams for hours a day, every day of the week to watch their...
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Fortnite Halloween Costumes, Spider-Man on PS4 and more

We've got a new episode of Casual Gamers this week and here's a roundup of all the topics and gaming stories we are talking about this week! This post from Facebook has me asking the same question. What games would you recommend so that someone would know who you are? Nintendo releases the trailer...
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Fortnite Halloween Costumes

Finally! Alyssa and I have made fun of the fact that Harley Quinn costumes have been all the rage the last few years, and now finally something else has dethroned the maniacal Dr. Quinzel as fun Halloween Costumes. Fortnite has completely TAKEN OVER pop culture and video games the last year and...
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Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons

Angry Birds and Imagine Dragons Team Up to Battle Cancer

Imagine Dragons and Rovio makers of Angry Birds are teaming up with the TRF Foundation to battle Pedriatric Cancer. We have teamed up with @Imaginedragons and @TRFdotORG to #SlayCancerWithDragons in our new #AngryBirdsMatch update! Together we can make a difference for children fighting cancer. OUT...
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RIP Burt Reynolds

The Hollywood Reporter and other outlets are sadly reporting the passing of Hollywood Icon Burt Reynolds. While having a prolific career spanning decades you may know him best as Smokey and the Bandit, or a guest on an episode of the animation Archer, or even guest starring in a remake of his movie...
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Captain Marvel Reveal

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel made her debut in this week's Entertainment Weekly with exclusive photos from the upcoming movie. Looking forward to that trailer! The future is female! Here’s your exclusive first look at @BrieLarson as @CaptainMarvel , the galaxy’s newest — and most powerful — star:...
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Alexia Catches Up With Cosplayers at Comic-Con

One of my favorite things to do is dress up in costume. Whether it’s a themed party, Halloween, or Comic-Con.
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In the warm afterglow of Comic-Con International, Dana & Jayson are still pumped. Especially Jayson. Every year, one of the most anticipated elements of the convention is a flurry of new trailers for some of the biggest movies and TV shows coming to the large and small screen, so we made a game...

5 of the biggest takeaways from Comic-Con 2018

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 ended Sunday as workers stripped the branding off the buildings, windows, buses, elevators, escalators and every other square inch of open space
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