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Capes on Capes Episode 31 w/ Special Guest Alyssa!

Fun show this week with special guest, newest member of the FM949 family, Alyssa! Alyssa is a big fan of PokemonGo and Vampire Diaries and joins us to talk about it. The second half of the show Bryce and Hamby lead a discussion about HBO's newest show Westworld. Capes on Capes 31 w/ Alyssa -...
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The Walking Dead - *SPOILERS*

Was that a TIGER?! This week on The Walking Dead we are introduced to King Ezekiel and his tiger Shiva (HIS FREAKING TIGER?!) as well as The Kingdom. As a fan of the comic books it's exciting to get to this point of the story because of how it opens up and introduces a wider world but also because...
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Who Died on The Walking Dead? *SPOILERS*

Tonight's Season 7 Opener for The Walking Dead certainly delivered the gore. We had two major deaths this week with Rick's group finally meeting Negan and Lucille. Sad emoji Rip Abraham #rip #TheWalkingDead — Queen.6ix_⁶-- (@shabaanalove123) October 24, 2016 See U on the...
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Capes on Capes Ep 30

Capes on Capes Episode 30! This week we break the show up into two parts. First part is the News and our reactions, and the second part is our discussion of the status of the CW Shows in the Arrowverse. Trailers and links for everything we discussed posted below the episodes. Capes on Capes Ep 30...
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Logan - March 3

It's a morning for really big annoucements. This morning Fox released the first teaser trailer for many thought would be "Old Man Logan" a storyline from Marvel Comics about an older Wolverine. Looks like the ultimate Hollywood product is going to be a mix of Old Man Logan with some of Chris...
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Nintendo Switch Announce!

This morning Nintendo dropped a huge annoucement! The long rumored Nintendo NX was officially announced as Nintendo Switch. In the video you can see full functionality from a "home console" to a "handheld" and some fun blends of the two as gamers are now able to take their game with them everywhere...
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