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Capes on Capes Episode 33 - The Walking Dead S7

Welcome back to another week of Capes on Capes. If you want to get right to The Walking Dead discussion you can skip ahead to around the 15 minute mark, otherwise enjoy our random update discussion and saying hi to Shanigans. Don't forget you can join us for an upcoming episode of the show by...
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New Star Wars Rogue One International trailer

Whoa! Honestly the anticipation for this movie has been a slow burn. Last year with The Force Awakens I felt like there was a frenzy of excitement for something new. I think this movie has the ability to really blow people away. As the trailer quotes I too have the audacity of hope that this will...
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Watch The Walking Dead with Hamby!

Hey guys! Want to watch The Walking Dead with me this Sunday?! I'm hosting a Shock and Awesome viewing party this Sunday night at the radio station. We can only allow 5 people +1 guest, but we are going to have pizza from Papa John's. We can live tweet and talk about the episode in real time. Hang...
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Dapper Day at Disneyland!

Have you ever heard of Dapper Day at Disneyland? Have you ever attended Dapper Day at Disneyland? Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend with my girlfriend and her friends. It was awesome. Basically it's an unofficial "Day" at Disneyland that allows fans to attend Disneyland and be a little fancy...
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Capes on Capes Episode 32 - Doctor Strange

Welcome back to another episode of Capes on Capes! This week Hamby and Bryce are joined by Jessica to discuss being live at the Walking Dead premiere and the new movie Doctor Strange. Find out why Bryce left the movie 3/4 through. Don't forget YOU can be a guest on a future episode of Capes on...
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