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Get Ready for #VoltronSeason2

Form Blazing Sword! Get ready for Season 2 of the new Voltron The Legendary Defender on Netflix. Season 2 debuts Friday January 20th and will pick up right where Season 1 left off. The creators of the show have really used Netflix format to tell a really fun long form story that has bridged season...
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Final trailer #PowerRangersMovie

FINALLY!! The final trailer for the new Power Rangers movie dropped today and we finally get to see the famous "It's Morphin Time!" but we get to see the actual Zords! Oh and some dude name Bryan Cranston as Zordon and ai yi yi some robot named Alpha. I'm being snarky, I know a lot of people have...
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Final trailer for Logan

Warning, this final trailer for Logan has some NSFW language. You may want to wear headphones and pay attention to your surroundings before watching. Enjoy Sir Patrick Stewart saying the F word. Oh and X-23 finally gets to cut loose! Watch the final trailer for #Logan . 3.3.17
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Dean Spanos You Have Failed This City #Arrow

Bombshell news tonight that the San Diego Chargers may be announcing their move to Los Angeles tomorrow. Nothing confirmed yet, but it feels like a foregone conclusion. For many this is like the final letting go, if that's what this is, and can't wait to turn the page. Some folks on Facebook...
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Awesome Games Done Quick - Charity Stream!

I LOVE this event. Happens twice a year. It used to be the Winter Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick, now it's simply Awesome Games Done Quick. If you know anything about me, I got really into live streaming on Twitch a few years ago and this event blew my mind the first time I saw it. I...
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Capes on Capes - Little Fish Comic Book Studio

Hey guys! Happy New Year! First Capes on Capes podcast of the new year, hello 2017! We kick off the new year with a special guest Alonzo from Little Fish Comic Book Studio. Things get real nerdy when Hamby and Alonzo start discussing old comics from the 80's and 90's and Hamby is remembering comic...
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This week Bryce and Hamby are joined by Alonzo with Little Fish Comic Book Studio here in San Diego to talk about the comic book industry in general, but also about the great programs they have teaching kids and adults how to make and draw comics.  Hamby and Alonzo get real NERDY and deep about old...

Doctor Who and Sherlock are back!

Did you guys watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special this last weekend? Was really excited to see a fun superhero story done in the Doctor Who Universe with a fun and lighthearted story that definitely tugged on the heart strings when it revealed it was a direct sequel to last year's Holiday special...
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Capes on Capes - 2016 Year in Review

2016 has taken from us again. Today we heard the sad news that Carrie Fisher passed away. We were already going to do a Year in Review episode, but Bryce and I just had to get recorded while this was still fresh. Sadly we also lost George Michael over the weekend. We celebrate their lives as well...
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