Comic Con

These Auction Items From Comic-Con Are WAAAY More Than Your Paycheck

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative Got a couple extra bucks lying around?! LOL JK you'll need many, many extra bucks for this stuff.
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Comic Con: Cosplay Day Two

Cosplay or "Costume Play" is performance art where the performer dresses up as their favorite character. Like Halloween, but on a more "I AM Batman" spiritual kind of level. To those that cosplay in 80 degree San Diego July's - we salute you!
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Comic Con: Donald Faison on a Potential "Clueless" Remake

San Diego Comic Con is in full swing! This is one of the most exciting times of the year to see some of your favorite TV shows and movies at their panels. New shows use Comic Con to make their debut and give audiences something to look forward to in the fall. One of those new shows is ABC's sci-fi...
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Video: Rick and Morty Premiere New Character at Comic-Con

Rick and Morty hit Comic-Con hard with the first glimpse of footage from season 4, the announcement of a new character, and the promise of guest appearances by Sam Neill, Paul Giamatti, and Kathleen Turner. The clip released during the Comic-Con panel introduces viewers to new character Glootie,...
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Cosplay Con Alexia!

Let's face it, one of THE BEST things about Comic-Con is the cosplay! We sent Alexia to the streets to bring us back some of the best cosplay she could find. She did a pretty good job. I mean, she found Fat Thor and she even got told to go back to her own planet by Darth Trump. RELATED: Comic-Con...
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​News is what you make of it, and for Dana & Jayson they make it HOT! Every morning on Alt 949, our own dynamic duo strap on their tights and hit the mean streets to filter out the noise, and bring you a heaping helping of knowledge in a little something we call NEWS TO US! This morning, we...


Join Dana and Jayson, and the Alt 949 Subaru Street Team for a SUPER Random Act of Kindness at Table 619 in East Village (Downtown SD) this Thursday, July 18th from 4pm to 6pm during Comic-Con . We'll be out there with your chance to win: + Lunch for 10 at Epic Wings N Things + FREE TICKETS to Cage...
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Comic Con: Cosplay Day One

For many, dressing up as their favorite character IS the reason for San Diego Comic Con every year. It's like Halloween in July. Check out some of the attention to detail these folks have gone to to dress up as their favorite movie, tv, video game, comic book, anime, etc character from pop culture...
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Comic Con: AMC Deadquarters

AMC is back this year for San Diego Comic Con with their Deadquarters event promoting their shows The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Fans have a chance to interact with zombies, traverse an obstacle course and more. Check out this free event if you are down in the Gaslamp this week with...
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Comic Con Amazon Prime Video Experience

One of the FREE offsite event activations this year outside San Diego Comic Con is the return of Amazon and their Amazon Prime Video Lounge. This year they have gone all out. They have privacy fencing separting one of the last open parking lots in the Gaslamp, an amazing video display/stage in the...
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