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Jayson doesn't like to share. When the entire Dana & Jayson show crew traveled to Indio for Coachella this weekend, the drinks were flowing, and Jayson's selfishness was showing. What was his deal? This morning on Alt 949 we broke down the situation, his reaction, and why he's clearly out of...
Producer Jack was **** blocking Dana this weekend at Coachella, without even knowing it. In the Dana & Jayson home base at the Emerald Desert RV Resort in Indio, a war of degrees was waged, with Dana's sex life hanging in the balance. Is ANYBODY this high maintenance when it comes to love...
Dana was flashing this weekend. No, not in the way you'd think after a weekend at Coachella, in a much more awkward, much less rock-n-roll sort of way. A lucky (or unlucky) group of co-workers and friends received the one-boob-treatment at the pool of our #Coachella home base, the Emerald Desert RV...
​Dana & Jayson and Producer Jack are back from Coachella... mostly. It was an awesome weekend at the Emerald Desert RV Resort for the entire gang from Alt 949, but the Monday comedown is REAL. What happened, who is barely surviving the start of the week, and who isn't speaking to who. We dished...
​The entire Dana & Jayson show crew is headed out to Coachella this weekend, but Jayson still has concerns and demands. Another morning of pushing his will on poor, unsuspecting Producer Jack. What will Jayson expect from him now on their first family trip? You'll have to listen to find out...


San Diego’s Alternative, ALT 949 welcomes alt-J back to San Diego on Thursday, April 19th at Humphreys! Video of alt-J (∆) Breezeblocks ENTER TO WIN TICKETS:
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Coachella Foods That Will Make You Hungry AF

Notorious for its art & culture, Coachella promises to bring the best of the best (so they say). Food included, so this 4/20 may fufill all of your food cravings while on the grounds. Let's curb your hunger for a minute with some insanely weird, possibly delicious snacks. Beware.. this blog may...
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​Dana, Jayson, and Producer Jack are hitting the road this weekend and heading to Indio for Coachella weekend two. After some behind-the-back smack talking from Jayson, Dana decided to get everything all out in the open this morning on Alt 949. Jayson has some concerns about traveling with Jack for...

Girl.. Slay Queen B Breaking Records

If you haven't seen a clip of Beyonce's performance at Coachella, you missed a historic moment! The moment was so huge that it was revealed that the live stream of her set was not only the highest viewed from last weekend’s festivities, but also the most viewed YouTube live stream from any festival...
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Coachella 2K18: RL Grime, Ekali & MORE Spark Up Do Lab Stage on Day 1

DoLab stage marks memorabilia for all festival goers, because the co-founders and talent buyers have a way of creating unpredicatble sets with some of the biggest up&coming electronic artists. Having ODESZA play only a few years prior to their main stage performance, Jesse and Dede's track...
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