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Our video stream of Coachella Broadcast interviews has now ended.  Thanks for watching!


Coachella + Craft Beer

Unless you've been living under a very large, very uncool rock, you should know by now that FM 949 is San Diego's Alternative , and the station with THE MOST chances to win your sold out #Coachella2017 wristbands. The biggest music festival around isn't just about a stacked artist lineup, it's as...
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Super Mega Colossal Coachella TIPS

FM 949 has THE MOST chances to win #SOLDOUT #Coachella2017 wristbands in the #SuperMegaColossalCoachella Giveaways , that we feel it's our civic responsibility to give you some tips on how to win YOURS . 1. Sign up! It's quick, and it's easy and you can do it HERE . 2. Set alarms! You have 13...
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10 Celebrities At Coachella

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative. Coachella isn’t just a music festival, it’s a cultural happening. It’s the place to be for highbrow cuisine, craft beer and cocktails, and some of the best people watching around. Don’t worry though, it’s not all socialites and flower crowns, we mean… it’s a lot of...
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Are You Ready For Coachella?!

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative. We're pumped! Our Super Mega Colossal Coachella Giveaways begin this Monday! Our Super Mega Colossal @coachella Giveaways begin this Monday. Sign up & listen for your name 13 times a day! — FM 949 (@FM949sd)...
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FM 949 Shock and Awesome: It's For the Kids

Won't someone PLEASE think of the children? Here at FM 949 we sure do. We also think of their parents, and what cool moms and dads they must be to be our friends, and part of the FM 949 family. That's why the FM 949 Street Team is hitting the road and coming to your home or business with a bundle...
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13 Radiohead Songs

Starting this Monday, FM 949 is giving you 13 chances a day to score SOLD OUT Cocachella wristbands during our Super Mega Colossal Coachella Giveaways. So, we've decided to select our 13 favorite Radiohead songs of all time! 13. Just Video of Radiohead - Just 12. High & Dry Video of Radiohead...
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Coachella 2017: SOLD OUT

It only took about an hour and a half for #Coachella2017 wristbands to SELL OUT. Didn't get out of the waiting room? Couldn't afford wristbands? Did you sleep in too late? No matter what your reason is, don't trip potato chip! The FM 949 Super Mega Colossal Coachella Giveaways are back starting...
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Where to Find Your Electronic Fix

LISTEN LIVE HERE: By clicking, you can hear the newest and top-charted electronic dance music. You can win tickets to shows and festivals like CRSSD Festival, Coachella, and MORE. GO TO YOUR PLAY STORE AND SEARCH FM 949 for Alternative, Reggae, and of course GLOW SAN DIEGO'S ELECTRONIC STATION...
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New Music Discovery: The XX

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative. Check out a New Music Discovery from Coachella 2017 Artist THE XX - "Say Something Loving" -- Video of The xx - Say Something Loving (Official Audio) And...starting Monday January 9th... the Super Mega Colossal Coachella Giveaways are back on FM 949! Sign up here...
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