Coachella Artists

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It's the dead of winter and festival season is calling.

Coachella's 2019 lineup laced with EDM and spiked with psychedelic rock and hip hop. They even included, to our wonderment, ponytail icon Ariana Grande on a mainstage.

The whole deal sold out in a whopping six hours.

Not to worry.

We’ve got a cache of the coveted wristbands in-studio, reserved for our loyal listeners. Who’s feeling lucky?

Once you win this thing, you might need help navigating the heaping, hotbed of sounds offered up on the Coachella field.

Check out some of Alt 949’s favorite Coachella Artists below and don’t forget to sign up for your chance to win your way into the festival!

Arist Highlights Coachella 1999-2009 (10 YEARS)

It's 2019, people! We've seen some massive changes in line ups from the first Coachella to now, and some may say it's overrated but it's 20+ year history speaks for itself. Here are the "BEST OF" artists from 1999 to 2009.. This means the biggest headliners, repeat artists (the ones that have...
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Ariana's New Interview Is Raw And REAL AF

Ariana is a SHOW-STOPPER! She is showing EVERY woman to strive for what they deserve and to know their worth with her confidence and lyricism! Aside from breaking the internet, she hasn't fell short of who she is with her art. This whole album shares her story, and is reflective of how she shares...
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Three Wedding Dresses, Tame Impala, and 150 McDoubles

If you're trying to save money on a caterer, I can guarantee McDonalds is UberEating or DoorDashing to a wedding near you.. The secret wedding of Tame Impala's Kevin Parker was held in a small vineyard in Australia for the two long-time sweehearts: Sophie Lawerence and Kevin Parker. A midnight...
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Coachella 2019 Artist Profile: The Interrupters

The interrupters are just absolutely rad. Growing up I listened to a lot of ska and punk so I love their vibe. 3 of the members are brothers Kevin, Justin and Jesse Bivona. They actually used to play in their own band Telacasters previous to linking with Aimee Allen who was a solo singer at the...
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Coach Ella Ep 6 - Dancing Tips with Dana and Jayson

Coach Ella believes to get to the greatest music festival on the planet, Coachella, it takes work! This week he's teaching Dana & Jayson how to dance....or at least whatever this is. Alt 949 has the MOST chances for you to win SOLD OUT Coachella wristbands! 13 times every day, including...
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10 Coachella Acts You Should Not Sleep On This Year

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative Now we all know that everyone is freaking out about Childish Gambino and The 1975 and Tame Impala, but one of my favorite things to do at Coachella is discover new bands. After all, with SO many sets, you're bound to find someone to fall in love with, right there...
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The Stage You need To Be At For Coachella

Weekend 1 is all about surprises. Last year, we were taken back by Beyoncé reuniting with Destiny's Child! We had Kendrick Lamar come out on SZA's set. We had Chance the Rapper and YG come out on Cardi B's set. With less pop and more rap last year than this year, this year's line up is more EDM...
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Coachella Art Through Our Eyes

Through the years, Coachella has become notorious for some unique art-structures that are comparable to things you can see at Burning Man or Life Is Beautiful . The eye-catching, interactive art allows artists to creatively share abstract concepts that is entertaining for Coachella go-ers each year...
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Gryffin, DJ Snake, and Diplo will all return to Coachella this year.

Coachella is including more EDM than ever before.
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Coachella 2019 Artist Profile: Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish cat-pounced on the music scene in 2016 when her single “Ocean Eyes” amassed more than 132 million streams. She was 14-years old when she produced the song. The Los Angeles based singer certainly sounds older and wiser and more haunting than her years. While we await her first studio...
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