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Jeff Goldblum as your Favorite Pop-Tart

Of all the things the internet gives us, this week when Twitter user Rachel Clayton realized the different looks of Jeff Goldblum match up with your favorite Pop-Tart, it was the greatest gift of all time. Chocolate Fudge humbly presented: jeff goldblum as poptarts (a thread)
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What's Up Danger VS Star Wars Episode IX

By FAR one of the coolest mashup's I have ever seen. Star Wars Episode 9's trailer from last week mashed up with Blackway's "What's Up Danger" from the Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse OST is AMAZING! Video of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker teaser set to What's Up Danger from Spider-Verse
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Brace yourself Marvel fanatics, there is a break in the Avengers ranks. With Avengers: Endgame less than two weeks away from being released in theaters, the internet is buzzing with alleged spoilers that ruin the ending of the franchise's final installment. This morning on Alt 949, the secrets of...
Star Wars

Star Wars Episode 9 trailer and Game of Thrones Season 8 Reactions

What a week it's been! This last weekend we had the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago which included trailers and updates on new shows like The Mandalorian, returning shows like Clone Wars and the opening of the new Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Land at Disneyland PLUS the trailer for Star Wars Episode 9...
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Shazam! Who is Captain Marvel Anyways?

Shazam came out in theaters over the weekend and took over the #1 spot at the box office. A month ago Captain Marvel was #1 with a now worldwide box office total over a billion. So how did a movie about Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel drop within a month of each other? Why are there so many...
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Avengers Endgame Ant-Man Thanos Butt Theory

This week's Capes on Capes Bryce and I talk about the latest in geek culture including a fan theory that Ant-Man is going to fly up Thanos butt, enlarge from the inside, and save the day in Avengers: EndGame. Really? We discuss that and more! "The tension around what “Endgame” is going to bring. I...
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​The new Avengers: Endgame clocks in at just over 3 hours long, and Dana is convinced this is insanity. After basically wasting a combined month watching 20+ Marvel movies leading up to the finale of the series, Jayson is pumped for three additional hours of super hero action, so the Dana &...

Snyder Says Batman Kills Get Over It and We Respond

On this week's Capes on Capes podcast Bryce and I discuss the Avengers Endgame run time, a new Iron Man VR game is coming, Apple TV + announced, and Zak Snyder thinks Batman and Superman kill and you should get over it. We disagree Zak. Zak Snyder comments on Batman and Superman Zack Snyder: Batman...
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Casual Gamers Play Captain Marvel Secret Skrulls

We had a chance to check out the brand new Captain Marvel Secret Skrulls game from USAopoly! Our friend Ross Thompson came down to show us the game in time for the release of Captain Marvel in theaters. Enter below for a chance to win THIS copy of the new game and thanks for listening to Casual...
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