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Capes on Capes Podcast - Daredevil on Netflix Cancelled, Captain Marvel Trailer Reactions

This week's episode of Capes on Capes Bryce and I talk about Netflix cancelling Daredevil and the internal drama between Marvel's Movie and TV arms. Plus Marvel announced a Shang-Chi movie in the works, reactions to the new Captain Marvel trailer, Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse getting amazing...
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Red Bull & Pac-Man Tournament

We got a fun care package in the mail today. A Pac-Man cabinet and a 4 pack of the special edition Pac-Man Red Bull cans. There is a fun event this Thursday night at Coin Op Downtown to celebrate the official launch of Red Bull’s limited edition Pac-Man can, Red Bull is hosting a tournament...
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WhatYou8 - Mickey's 90th Birthday Celebration Churro at Disneyland

Went to Disneyland this past weekend to take my son to meet Santa for the first time and also check out the Holiday treats at Disney and DCA. This past weekend was also Mickey Mouse's 90th Birthday and they had special treats throughout the park to celebrate that as well. This is the 90th Birthday...
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Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds

This is real. This is happening. Last year when I heard that Ryan Reynolds would be voicing Detective Pikachu in a live action movie, I thought "That's cute and or a joke" Nope its real and it has a trailer! Video of POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer #1
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Scott Rogers, You Are One Of Us

About a week ago I hosted my first panel! It was at Los Angeles Comic Con and I met Scott Rogers creator of Rayguns and Rocketships from IDW Games as well as the new Pantone game from Cryptozoic Entertainment. He was super nice and blew me away with his professional journey. From video game and...
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Open Registration for San Diego Comic-Con 2019 set for Nov. 10

Comic-Con 2019 badges will go on sale shortly after 9:00 AM PST on November 10, 2018! The waiting room will open for entry at 8:00 AM PST. Good luck!
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Hamby @ Los Angeles Comic Con #LACC

This past weekend I was invited to Host my first panel! The gang at The Grand Geek Gathering and TableTop Takeovers invited me to host their panel "Playing it out on the tabletop" a discussion with game creators and game night hosts about the state of tabletop gaming and more. Had a chance to...
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Jayson Live Tweets Thor Ragnarok

Of all the movies from the last 10 years of Marvel Movies that I was looking forward to Jayson watching, Thor Ragnarok was one of them. I love this movie. Texting back and forth with Jayson after he watched the movie last night, I said "If I was a kid, Thor Ragnarok would be MY Star Wars". I think...
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Jayson Live Tweets Doctor Strange #MarvelMadness

The journey is almost complete. Jason is catching up on 10 years of Marvel movies so that he can watch Avengers Infinity War and understand all the hype from that movie this year. In this installment Jayson live tweets Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Mads Mikkelsen,...
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