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Disney/Fox Merger, what is now part of the House of Mouse?

The Disney/Fox merger is complete. So what does that mean for all those Fox TV shows and movies that you've grown to know and love all these years? They are all coming to Disney! Here is a quick run down of just SOME* of the shows and movies coming to Disney through this merger. More news to come...
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Jayson needs advice about Jury Duty | Dana & Jayson

Someone on the Dana & Jayson show is on the lamb from the law. At approximately 7:45am, Jayson was expected to show up for Jury Duty, but he didn't. As an obsessive rule-follower, this is completely out of character for him, and it fills him with immeasurable anxiety. All that stress, however,...
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[LISTEN] Dana & Jayson reveal the 2019 KAABOO lineup!

Jayson is going to miss out. In a clear oversight of scheduling, Jayson and his husband Jared will be out of town when KAABOO Del Mar returns for the 2019 incarnation, and Dana is really pouring it on. This morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson welcomed another Jason, KAABOO's Chief Marketing...
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San Diegans rank their top national restaurant chains | Dana & Jayson

​Forget apple pie, this morning Dana & Jayson talked about the most American of topics, restaurant chains. When a list of our nation's favorite restaurants hit the interwebs , Dana knew Jayson, Producer Jack, and our San Diego listener family would have some strong opinions. A conversation not...
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Why Mommy Drinks Reason #71: Cellular Feud | Dana & Jayson

Dana normally drinks because her kids are being kids, but this morning on Alt 949, she's reaching for the bottle because her oldest daughter wants to act like an adult. A household battle has erupted over technology, and Dana's oldest daughter Joelle's demand for it. Every week, Dana & Jayson...
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San Diegans Weigh In On Proper Weed Etiquette | Dana & Jayson

Do you think the great, great granddaughter of one of America's foremost etiquette experts is qualified to give marijuana etiquette advice? Neither do Dana & Jayson. This morning on Alt 949, D&J decided to hit the phones and the streets to give our San Diego listener family a chance to...
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Dana & Jayson's Asst Producer Apologizes to Lake Elsinore Mayor for Poppypocolypse

The Super Bloom is back, and people in Southern California are losing their s**t about it. Our neighbor to the north, Lake Elsinore , has been flooded with Instagram hungry flower hunters, and things have gotten so out of hand, they've had to close roads and advise people to stay away...
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Movie poster for Marvel Studios' 'Captain Marvel' starring Brie Lason

Capes on Capes - Captain Marvel spoiler discussion, plus Disney/Fox Merger Date and more!

Hey guys it's Hamby! This week Bryce has finally seen Captain Marvel so we have a spoiler discussion about the movie. Favorite parts, thoughts, and those end trailers! We also talk about the new Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated movie, a date has been set for the Disney and Fox merger...
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TwitchCon RETURNS to San Diego

Big news today San Diego! TwitchCon 2019 is returning to San Diego! TwichCon Europe has been planned for April this year, but today Twitch dropped the news that the video game streaming service giant will be bringing their big convention BACK to San Diego. I checked out the Convention in the early...
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