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Jeremy and Hamby talk (and play) games. Check the #CasualGamers Podcast from ALT 949 San Diego.

Marshmello Takes Over Fortnite and Twitch Streamers in NFL Super Bowl Commercials

This was a huge weekend for gaming! Saturday saw EDM artist Marshmello take over the video game Fortnite in a public 10 minute concert viewed by millions, and Twitch streamers Ninja and Tim the Tatman were at the Super Bowl celebrating their appearance in the NFL 100 commercial featuring a who's...
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Marshmello takes over Fortnite

News broke over the internet that this weekend, February 2nd, 2019, the musician Marshmello (who won the Fornite Celebrity Pro-Am with Streamer Ninja last year) will be hosting a concert in-game in Fortnite. Special skins and content is being released for the event, with event posters showing up...
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NFL Skins Return to Fortnite for Super Bowl

Just in time for the Super Bowl this weekend, Epic Games has announced that NFL skins for the Patriots and The Rams are coming back to Fortnite for the weekend of the Super Bowl. So if you'd like to climb the heap in Battle Royale, do it wearing your favorite Super Bowl football team! Fortnite’s...
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Casual Gamers - Thanos Rising

Part four of our video series we recorded over the Christmas holidays, Jeremy and Hamby are joined by Ross Thompson from USAOpoly to play Thanos Rising the tie in game that came out last year with Avengers Infinity War. Will we survive the snap or defeat the mad titan Thanos?!
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Casual Gamers - Samurai Jack Back To The Past

Part three of our four part series. Our good friend Ross Thompson from USAOpoly was kind enough to stop by and show us how to play some really great board games including this fun game, Samurai Jack Back to the Past. Our next episode will be the finale in this series, next week look for Thanos...
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Casual Gamers - Marvel Munchkin

We continue our playthrough of some awesome games that USAOpoly sent us. Over the Holiday break our good friend Ross Thompson from USAOpoly games came in to play Marvel Munchkin with us. Play more games and hear new episodes of the Casual Gamers Podcast weekly on Alt 949 and RADIO.COM.
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Actor Joe Manganiello teaches D&D at UPMC Children's Hospital

What a great story! Actor Joe Manganiello visited the UPMC Children's Hospital to teach kids how to play D&D.
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#WhatYou8 - Season 4 - Cinnamon Apple Hot Tamales

Welcome back long time viewers of #WhatYou8! We are back! Officially kicking off Season 4 of #WhatYou8, we are out of the studio, in the break room and still trying snacks. First up, Apple Cinnamon Hot Tamales. How are they? What do they taste like? Let's find out!
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