Casual Gamers

Jeremy and Hamby talk (and play) games. Check the #CasualGamers Podcast from ALT 949 San Diego.

Casual Gamers Review Carpool Karaoke

Play more games! It's Hamby with the Casual Gamers podcast , new episodes weekly right here on Alt 949 and on the RADIO.COM app. Make sure you FAVORITE us to receive new episodes and updates! Big G Creative games was nice enough to send us a copy of their new game Carpool Karaoke. Yes, that is the...
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Borderlands 3 Feedback and more Casual Gamers

We're back! The Labor Day Holiday and just being busy kept us from recording a new episode of the Casual Gamers podcast the last two weeks, but we've been here! Jeremy and Hamby check in on the latest in video game news. Borderlands 3 is a ton of fun and leading the way of new releases. Hamby...
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Casual Gamers Review Keeping It Saxy

It's Hamby with the Casual Gamers podcast . We don't have a new episode of the podcast this week but we do have a Review of a fun board game! Kenny G may be known as a musician and performer but now he can add board game theme to his resume. + check out new episodes Casual Gamers podcast are weekly...
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Casual Gamers Visit USAopoly in Carlsbad

It's Hamby with the Casual Gamers podcast, new episodes WEEKLY right here and on the RADIO.COM App. Make sure you Favorite us! Recently I had the chance to take a tour of the USAOpoly or The OP offices in Carlsbad. I was super excited to get a tour of the offices here in San Diego that turn out...
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Capes on Capes Interview The Curseborn Saga

The guys at The Curseborn Saga tell their story in this Capes on Capes interview.
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Mortal Kombat....Vegetables?

Finish him! You ever wonder how the sounds are made in your favorite video games? For example, in a game like Mortal Kombat, you have two fighters face off against each other in....Mortal Kombat. You can't exactly recreate in the real world two fantasy fighters fighting to the death and record...
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