Casual Gamers

Jeremy and Hamby talk (and play) games. Check the #CasualGamers Podcast from ALT 949 San Diego.

Captain Marvel Reveal

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel made her debut in this week's Entertainment Weekly with exclusive photos from the upcoming movie. Looking forward to that trailer! The future is female! Here’s your exclusive first look at @BrieLarson as @CaptainMarvel , the galaxy’s newest — and most powerful — star:...
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Padres Wil Myers Apologizes for Comments Made On Fortnite Livestream

San Diego Padre Wil Myers learned the hard way to watch what you say when a buddy is live streaming. A couple of days ago Wil was caught complaining about Padres Manager Andy Green. Wil has since apologized. And hey! WE ALL DO IT! But maybe don't start venting when your buddy might be live...
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