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Can You Beat Weezer's "The End Of The Game" Game?

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative As someone who is relatively decent at 8-bit games, I gotta say...this one was near IMPOSSIBLE, but...I finally did it. I beat "The End of the Game" game, so I am living proof that it can be done... ...with many hours and probably a few choice words for this... Read More
Huck Being Cute

Jack [WATCH]: How to Listen at Home with Alexa!

Since we'll all "working" from home now, you might not be sure how to listen to Alt 949 while you're not in the car. Well, thanks to Jack, his microwave, his shower, his dog, and a few easy steps, you can listen to San Diego's Alternative from home with Alexa and the App! Stay home and... Read More

San Diego Zoo Global Launches #WereHereTogether

San Diego Zoo Global announced their new #WereHereTogether campaign, which will allow parents, educators, and fans from all over to stay connected to their favorite animals and species. You can virtually drop in on your favorite animals with the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park Live... Read More

Ways to Help the San Diego Community during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are a #UnitedSanDiego. In this difficult time, those who have the means to donate may be wondering how they can help those in need. If you're looking for ways to help, we've compiled some resources to help the local San Diego community overcome these difficult times. STAY HOME Do your part to... Read More

9 New Songs To Add To Your Playlist This Weekend

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative 1. Lay Your Head On Me (ft. Marcus Mumford) - Major Lazer Video of Major Lazer - Lay Your Head On Me (feat. Marcus Mumford) (Official Lyric Video) 2. 12345SEX - UPSAHL Video of 12345SEX 3. Retrograde - Pearl Jam Video of Pearl Jam - Retrograde (Official Visualizer... Read More
5PM Trivia with Jeremy

5PM Trivia with Jeremy

Bored and trying to Stay Connected? Come play trivia LIVE with Jeremy, every weekday at 5pm on ALT 949's Facebook . Jeremy's got the games ready, all you need to bring is yourself, your beverage of choice, and a device (phone, laptop, etc.) to join the game room. See you at 5pm! Let us know you... Read More