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Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: The Last Meal

Even if you love something, you don't want it every day. Most of us acknowledge that having too much of a good thing can be a reality, but this morning, Dana & Jayson discovered that a Florida man has been indulging in the exact same food item every day for almost the last two decades... Read More

Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Why Mommy Drinks Reason #77

Being a parent is the full range of human emotions. The highest of highs. The lowest of lows. The weirdest of weird. When Dana isn't keeping her two adult children in the Alt 949 studio in line, she's raising three daughters aged 10 and under with her husband Kevin. Unlike most parents who only... Read More

Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Friday, October 18th

Nine out of ten doctors agree that Dana & Jayson 's News to Us is a part of this complete breakfast, and statistics suggest that one in seven Americans ​have an alcohol problem, so we'll let you do the math. Every morning, D&J grab a giant novelty magnifying glass and pour over the globe to... Read More

Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Ginger Snap

Jayson smells this morning. To be fair, the cast of the Dana & Jayson radio program could just copy and paste that first line several times a week, but this morning Jayson smelled like something brand new. After ticking off the normal checklist and determining Jayson had in fact showered,... Read More

Things To Do In San Diego This Weekend: Oct 18-20

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative Get ready to get scared at a haunted attraction this weekend! All Weekend / Various Locations The Haunted Trail in Balboa Park, The Scream Zone at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and The Disturbance in Mission Valley are all open! Grab some friends...and maybe an extra... Read More

Dana & Jayson: New "Joker" Inspired Starbucks Drink

Starbucks just unveiled its newest drink on their secret menu and surprise, surprise, the new "Joker" movie inspires it. In keeping with the theme of the movie, you can drive a barista insane by ordering the new drink. First, ask your barista to draw a smile on the inside of the cup in strawberry... Read More

Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Feeling the Love

​Saying I love you to someone for the first time is a pretty big deal. When the bond between two people takes that next big step, saying those three little words can have a drastic impact on how you view each other, how strong your relationship is, and what the future has in store for your... Read More

Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Giving the Dog a Bone

Dana DiDonato is an animal whisperer, even if she'd really prefer not to be. While spending a few recharging minutes with a friend at a trendy coffee spot in Ocean Beach, Dana had a very close encounter of the four-legged kind, and she still isn't feeling really great about it. San Diego is such a... Read More

Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Killer Queens

There is a feud brewing this morning in the Alt 949 studios, but it isn't between Dana & Jayson , or Dana & Producer Jack , or Jayson & Producer Jack. This feud is between Jayson Prim and Sir Elton John. After news broke that the music superstar and cultural icon had a few less than... Read More

Dana & Jayson[LISTEN]: Forever Plaid

Now, Jayson isn't a stranger to being a part of the big days for numerous members of his friend group and family, but this is a first. Over the weekend while visiting his husband's sister, and throwing her a bridal shower, Jayson discovered he was invited to be part of the group that will be... Read More