What does Cage The Elephant, The Lumineers and Atlas Genius have in common?

July 26, 2016

What does Cage The Elephant, The Lumineers and Atlas Genius have in common?…1Thing!  Watch the vidoe here -> http://sandiego.1thingus.com/

Entercom is an industry leader on sustainability issues and a role model for corporate citizenship. Through our 1Thing initiative, we are committed to promoting good environmental practices both internally with our employees as well as externally with our listeners and business partners. Our 1Thing program begins with our green pledges. They encompass a variety of areas, from our energy-efficient lighting program to using exclusively 100 % post-consumer recycled paper. Our kitchens are now green, with only reusable dishware and flatware, free trade and/or organic coffee, and recycled paper products. All offices recycle aluminum, glass, plastic, paper and toner cartridges. All equipment is powered off when not in use and through many initiatives, we have reduced our paper consumption by 32% (we saved one million sheets of paper by switching to commercial paperless logs alone).

We have worked hard to make our concerts and events greener, whether that be by using paperless tickets or encouraging public transportation. When offices have needed refurbishment, we have been thoughtful about our choices concerning paint, flooring and window treatments. We have partnered with Staples for our office supplies and are now proud to say that 49% of our purchases are environmentally-friendly.

On Earth Day each year, we give our employees a gift, from conserving acres of tropical forest to restoring miles in the ocean. As a company, we have partnered with EarthShare and raised over $400,000 to help a variety of environmental organizations. We have partnered with three national environmental organizations-Conservation International, The Wilderness Society and 350.org- as well as many local partners, and granted $4 million in on air time. And we are now very excited to have built our first solar renewable energy project in Denver.

Most importantly, we have reached out and used the power of radio to engage listeners like you to help us make this world a better place. From our disc jockeys discussing issues on air to green tips and news of upcoming community events on our website, we hope you’ll join us on this journey and do your 1Thing. . We believe in the power of 1Thing. If everyone would do one thing to improve the environment every day, we know our world would be a better place to live for generations to come.

Entercom is one of the five largest radio broadcasting companies in the United States, with a nationwide portfolio in excess of 100 stations in 23 markets, including San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Sacramento and Kansas City.

Known for developing unique and highly successful, locally programmed stations, Entercom is home to some of radio's most distinguished brands and compelling personalities. The company is also the radio broadcast partner of the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Oakland A's, Kansas City Royals, New Orleans Saints, Buffalo Sabres, and San Jose Sharks.

Entercom focuses on creating effective integrated marketing solutions for its customers that incorporate the company's audio, digital and experiential assets.

The company has a long-standing commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and environmental stewardship. Entercom stations play a vital, hands-on role in improving their communities, providing over $100 million in annual support for local charitable organizations.

The company's radio stations have received numerous awards, including multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards for excellence in broadcast journalism and National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Marconi Awards for excellence in radio broadcasting.

In 2007, Forbes magazine named Entercom one of America's "Most Trustworthy Companies."