Waahhhhh We Want THEM!

These Converse Sneaks Have Built In Wah Pedal

August 18, 2016

Like Converse weren't already Rock 'n' Roll enough. These were designed with a built in Wah Pedal! The holidays are right around the corner... Now you know what to get us.

From the designers: "How do you make the world’s most Rock’n’Roll sneaker, The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, even more Rock’n’Roll? How’s about turning it into a working wah wah pedal, complete with twin jack ports in the front to plug your guitar and amp into it? That’s what we did as part of the recent Hack-a-chuck competition, run by Creative Social, Converse and Google+. The brief was simple: ‘We’re going to give you some Chucks. You do something amazing with them’.And our effort obviously struck a chord (sorry), because it walked away with the first prize, as announced at Cannes."