Tom DeLonge’s ‘Strange Times’ Graphic Novel to Receive Paranormal Series

Development is already underway

December 10, 2018

Recent reports about Tom DeLonge have involved everything from rumors about him re-joining Blink-182 to news of him releasing a children’s book. While a reunion with Blink-182 likely isn’t in the cards, something arguably just as incredible is: a paranormal series based on his graphic novel.

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The collection of odd projects from the multi-talented creative have basically all added up to this dream opportunity. As reported by Variety, DeLonge’s 2016 graphic novel Strange Times: The Ghost in the Girl is currently being turned into a TBS series with the help of stand-up comedian and writer Aaron Karo.

While it’s unclear what happened with DeLonge’s 2017 plans to turn the novel into a sci-fi skateboarding film, it looks as though this series with a similar feel will take the place of the film he initially planned on producing with his own To the Stars multi-media company. Get a taste of the feel of the series in the trailer for his novel above.

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