Bishop Briggs Tries Surprisingly Painful Skincare Routine

Find out how to get "Baby"-smooth skin

August 30, 2018
Bishop Briggs

Ever wondered how to get skin so radiant that astronauts can see your glow from outer space? Bishop Briggs has got you covered.

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British singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs is converting into a beauty blogger for the day. Hot off the release of her atmospheric track “Baby,” the alt-pop star is ready to get baby-smooth skin. 

Koreans are known for their extensive skincare, popularizing 12-step routines and the infamous Hanacure mask that’s apparently surprisingly painful... Through decades of careful research, Bishop has uncovered their top secret tips to having glowing skin and is here to try it for herself.  

Does she have a future as a YouTube beauty guru? Watch below and decide:

We’re not sure the mask is supposed to make all of your imperfections magically disappear, but we are sure that she’s LUMINOUS. Pick up her latest single “Baby” and check out her upcoming tour dates here.