Superorganism at Indie Jam 2018

September 8, 2018

What were you doing in early 2017?  If you are the members of Superorganism you were casually getting together and deciding to make music together.  Flash forward to March 2018 and the release of their debut album "Superorganism".

For Superorganism, being a musician is more of a lifestyle than work. “The key is to maintaining relationships with people who aren’t musicians,” they laugh.

As a band, they’ve been incredibly fortunate. “We didn’t write a single dud in the first couple months. In the end, we wrote our entire record in the first 7 months we were a band.”

They also take pride that people like Frank Ocean and Elton John have spun their record and talked about them, but they’re hesitant to talk about it with their friends and family because they don’t want to flaunt their milestones.

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“You live in the world of the songs. I think that’s why you get in to something like that. You create your own world and every night we’re playing these songs, and in that moment we’re like ‘This is our universe. This is our identity.’ I think that’s such a great thing,” they continue.​

Lead singer Orono Noguchi and the rest of the band join us Saturday for Indie Jam 2018!