San Diego "South of 8" filmmakers make a feature film with (almost) no budget

September 6, 2016

“South of 8”, a San Diego produced independent feature film, will be holding their WORLD PREMIERE at the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival on September 26th!

“South of 8” chronicles an ex-con that is trying to find work in a new depression, however, is lured back to a life of crime, and his gang passes the point of no return once they become fugitives.

What's super cool about this film is that the filmmakers did something, as Producer George Jac put it, seemingly impossible: successfully completed a feature film with no budget, and no crew. A production composed of an entirely San Diego based cast & crew (if you can call it a crew). The film was shot and edited in just under a year and a half with a budget that topped out at a meager $9,000.

“South of 8” has already started to gain recognition and garnered its first award for Best Trailer at the 2016 San Diego Film Awards. "South of 8 is a fantastic example of what can be produced in San Diego with the talent and resources we have here. It's my hope that more films like this will happen and that San Diegans overall will help support and fund films like this that generate from our broad talent pool,” said Jodi Cilley, Producer of the 2016 San Diego Film Awards.

“South of 8” will have San Diego premiere in the coming months.