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Three Wedding Dresses, Tame Impala, and 150 McDoubles

Who Says Carbs Aren't The Keys to Our Hearts

February 13, 2019

If you're trying to save money on a caterer, I can guarantee McDonalds is UberEating or DoorDashing to a wedding near you.. 

The secret wedding of Tame Impala's Kevin Parker was held in a small vineyard in Australia for the two long-time sweehearts: Sophie Lawerence and Kevin Parker. 

A midnight order of McDoubles, and up partying until dawn in Lawrence's (now Parker's) three seperate wedding dresses is the epitome of a "Half Full Glass of Wine".

Congrats to the beautiful Parker’s -- the most amazing wedding Thankyou for having us ------ all the love for you both ❤️ @solaw

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Sophie is also one of the founders of Denada Co, an independent ice cream company in Western Australia that focuses on sugar-free and low-carb products! Oh, the irony in that midnight McDouble run. 

The wedding was kept top-secret, but a number of pictures from attendees made their way onto Instagram.

SOPHIE + KEVIN // No words. I legit can’t even deal with how amazing Saturday was ... CAN NOT DEAL !! Soph + Kevin, your trust in me was as next level as you loved up babes and I feel so honored to have styled, planned and managed your wedding - THANK YOU !! All the love and thank you’s to the incredible team behind the set up also, your endless days + nights of hard work, redic skills and support mean absolutely EVERYTHING to me ------ !! Please TAP FOR THE TEAM !!

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Tame Impala's front man Kevin gets married right before one of their bigger shows in their career. Although dropping out of Coachella in the past, Tame Impala will be headlining alongside Ariana Grande and Childish Gambino this April in the desert! 

Parker also recently gave an update on Tame Impala’s next album!! Although there is no concrete deadline.. He doesn't want to listen to an album 20 years later, and realize something wasn't perfect because he was working under a pressured deadline. But we can expect new 2019 music! 

Our Coachella headliner put a ring on it!