The Stage You need To Be At For Coachella

January 22, 2019

Weekend 1 is all about surprises. Last year, we were taken back by Beyoncé reuniting with Destiny's Child! We had Kendrick Lamar come out on SZA's set. We had Chance the Rapper and YG come out on Cardi B's set. With less pop and more rap last year than this year, this year's line up is more EDM directed. 

But one of Coachella's dirty and best-kept secrets is the notoriously surprising DoLab Stage each year. We can expect both weekend 1 and 2 to be different and unique with surprise sets including last year's ZHU, Ekali, and RL Grime secret sets. Bonobo was a surprise too! 


They're always bringing the most-relevant artists in bass, dance, techno, and house to life on their stages each year. We never know what to expect, and sometimes neither do they as artists and their friends hop on sets throughout the weekend. 

The element of surprise is what DoLab is all about!