Night Owls ..Nocturnal Wonderland Is In 7 Days

September 6, 2018

WOW! Let's put it this way.. The first Nocturnal Wonderland was in DTLA (downtown Los Angeles), and it was held in 1995. Well, I was 2 when this event first took place. But that makes it the OLDEST Insomnaic fest & LONGEST-RUNNING EDM music festival in America. 

Check out this flyer from 90s! Insomniac's old art work.. 


You go, Pasquale Rotella! Night owls and insomniacs, experience the two days across four stages while getting in tune with black light art 

"Nocturnal focuses on the key elements of Family, Community and Culture."



Internationally, Insomniac has given EDM lovers an experience to look forward to that allows them to express themselves freely in creative spaces! From Michigan and Vegas to Brazil and Japan..and of course CALIFORNIA.. Insomniac produces multi-day, dusk till dawn festivals that you can camp at while gazing and interacting with art work, dancing, and immersing yourself in the music.


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