November 7, 2018

MEOW.. Galantis quickly swept fans away with their progressive house and big room records along with their coined-cat art work that seperated them from the DJ pack. The producers have been known to release some feel-good, funky music that doesn't always fit in their signature style. 

Releases like "Runaway", "Peanut Butter Jelly", and "No Money" have become timeless classics. But they haven't been restricted with one sound, and have always surprised us with their unique singles. 



"Emoji" being a perfect example of that. Of course a dance track, the influences always draw from other genres like soul.  You won't be listening to "Emoji" in the club, but the tropical melody is a more-relaxed listen. 


Also a little foreign sounding, the sensual voice sings "Send me an emoji. Tell me how you feel". Talk about millenials.. But what is love without a heart shaped emoji?