Loud Luxury Talks Hard Summer, Taking A Fan to Prom, and MORE..

So Much Heat At Hard Summer

August 6, 2018

GLOW sits down with Loud Luxury after their set at Hard Summer. They describe their set as a "dope oven", which could be the smell of really good cookies (or just the summer heat out in Los Angeles this past weekend). Either way, they're bringing fire to the stage with their house-sets. 



The duo has been on the road for the last few months after signing to Armada, and the Canada band has been playing their first festivals in The United States. Playing smaller stages since 2011, it is an experience to be able to tour while performing these huge festivals.


 Their song "Body" being nominated by Music Much for best edm summer song and the two being nominated for best EDM artist, the two feel blessed to be taking the stage instead of dancing in the crowd like they did back in the day. 


Their songs attracting a champagne-house atmosphere, they love the culture of partying and women that embodies a lot of their music.