Coachella Art Through Our Eyes

January 22, 2019

Through the years, Coachella has become notorious for some unique art-structures that are comparable to things you can see at Burning Man or Life Is Beautiful. The eye-catching, interactive art allows artists to creatively share abstract concepts that is entertaining for Coachella go-ers each year. 

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Like the stacked-line up doesn't appeal to us enough, we must also do other things in the heat that make for a better and more "millenial experience" like eat outlandish foods, take IG pics, and check out abstract art.  We all know we're into all this art stuff.

While we don't know what to expect for the upcoming year, we can only predict it to be better than the last few years. From secret sets at the DoLab stage to mainstage attractions and crazy art pieces, Coachella is also an experience outside of the many artists and music. 


Like that one time Coachella had a moon man.. 

Wow.. the bird cage, chicken wire and the multiple mirrors. Two classic and memorable pieces of work. 

From mainstage to aesthetically pleasing sunsets combined with this white and tall instagramable (maybe 10 ft high) art piece.

Nothing like an aerial view of main stage with the palms and mountains. This picture speaks for itself.

Night-time ferris wheel.. Cliche' but always an experience. We can always expect to see this lit up at the Pollo Fields each year.

All I can say is.. *Twinkle* *Twinkle* star Chella Chella Chella.. 

Panoramic views at Chella.. 

Every one remembers this thing, right? 

Nothing like 110 degree walks through the desert with this view.. 

Whatcha eating at Chella? 

Pop Up Shops .. Like Mom's Spaghetti or ODESZA's pop up shop! That's what I'm Talking About.