Coachella 2K18: RL Grime, Ekali & MORE Spark Up Do Lab Stage on Day 1

April 16, 2018

DoLab stage marks memorabilia for all festival goers, because the co-founders and talent buyers have a way of creating unpredicatble sets with some of the biggest up&coming electronic artists. Having ODESZA play only a few years prior to their main stage performance, Jesse and Dede's track records show a variety of performances that range from Autograf to Sweater Beats. Last year playing Justin Martin, Chet Porter, and XXYYXX on one set list. 


This year, the element of surprise keeps you guessing on who's performing besides who has been announced! 


While the multi-genre event boasts a stacked roster of headliners, DoLab finds a way to attract the crowd with their special guest performances and array of diversity in their booking style. 

The co-founders noted they release purposely release the lineup weeks out and slot suprise guests, because so many people are out in the crowd we may never recognize! It's a stage where DJs, performers, etc. can come hop on a set for the weekend at Coachella. It's a collaborative effort.

Friday night brought RL Grime and Ekali who showed up as special guests to throw down. 

But one artist’s standout set that came as no surprise was Coachella first-timer EPROM’s time who dropped some of his new project during his Do Lab set. 

The CEOs also notes that they kind of have a cat and mouse game with Coachella, because they know we’re always up to something.. and if they get in trouble, they don't do it again. ;)