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10 Questions with Dack Janiels

After His Set at Nocturnal Wonderland

September 19, 2018

YES! Dack Janiels brought out two of his friends Gravedgr and Dirty Audio out on his set to showcase some of their newest music. The most memorable part of his set was being able to hang with some of his good friends, and being able to also bring out some of his favorite producers was a really fun moment for him. 


See more about the artist below! We've got 10 fun facts about him. 

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Are you a big whiskey fan?

I used to drink a ton of whiskey (mostly Jim Beam/Jameson) when I was in college but I've made the switch to clear liquor because it sits better with me. Still a huge fan of nice Scotch and Bourbon when I am chilling at home in my free time though!


What are some upcomings you have?

I've got a big collaboration with my homie Aweminus dropping very soon as well as a bunch of other unreleased music we plan to release this fall and winter!


If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

If I could be any animal, it would probably be a Killer Whale. The vast size of the ocean has fascinated me since childhood and I think seeing it from the perspective of an apex predator would be the safest way to go!


What are some of your favorite songs to remix? And how would you describe your style?

Some of my favorite remixes I've done have been for my friend Midnight Tyrannosaurus. One of the first tracks that got me recognition was a remix for his song, "The Demon" and the next year he asked me to remix "Scream Squad". Midnight T always picks awesome themes for his tunes, so I always have some great inspiration straight away when I work with his stems. I would describe my style as a cross between heavy dubstep and drill trap music. I really try to make my tracks something that newcomers to the genre can digest as well as something that is heavy enough for the seasoned veterans of bass.


If you were stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere, what's one thing you'd need to bring with you?

Laptop: I love getting random inspiration on the road, and I feel like I would definitely need my laptop to occupy myself while rescue arrives! 


If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Sushi...100% my favorite food. I also used to go fishing a lot when I was in my teens- there's truly nothing like fresh caught fish!


How ratchet is your audience?

I wouldn't necessarily describe my audience as "ratchet", but my fans are some of the most diverse, wild, and fun people in the world! That being said, I've definitely had a few shows where the energy level really exceeds any expectation.


Do you think you'll be performing when you're 60?

I'd like to be performing for as long as humanly possible, but realistically I see myself passing off the reins to the next generation of producers by that age.


Where do you see your life in ten years?

In 10 years I see myself still producing music, playing shows, and running my label/clothing line 40oz Cult! Recently I've been very focused on my health and staying in tip top shape to ensure the most longevity possible.


Was music always your path? 

Music was not always my path. As a teen, I was really focused on skateboarding and filming for a solid video part. At age 17, I suffered a pretty bad knee injury and that dream started to become more and more unrealistic. Around the same time I had started to produce music and ended up shifting gears to pursue that. Things work out in mysterious ways!


How did you start touring and getting gigs? 

I always stayed focused on my original music. Once I started pushing my tunes out to bigger DJs and the songs started getting played out by them, I honed in on my branding to make sure I stuck out like a sore thumb for any potential new fans. Early on, the shows built up gradually, but now I am very thankful to be a part of a team that pushes me to be greater and greater every day.


If you could choose one inspiration to you, who would it be and why?

One big inspiration for me is my homie Dubloadz. Having friends around who constantly work hard inspires me so much, and seeing him earning the recognition he deserves is a wonderful feeling. Not to mention, he creates most of his artwork himself- really bringing his whole brand together in one cohesive unit.