Happy Second Anniversary to You & Yours!


March 12, 2019

So now that we’ve polished off a bottle of You & Yours Winter Gin, it just occurred to us that, actually, winter has kinda sorta already come and gone. But that’s ok. Spring is on its way and we’re already halfway through our next bottle—You & Yours Sunday Gin! Speaking of time flying, hard though it may be to believe, You & Yours Distilling Co. has now been conjuring spirits for TWO YEARS this week! We’d like to commemorate that milestone by posting a list of the luscious libations we recently enjoyed during Rock & Roll Happy Hour when head distiller Laura came by the studio along with our friend Jillyin from Jamul Casino’s Loft 94 (who just happens to be joining us again this Friday for a live R&R HH broadcast from the casino!). Oh yes, and we’d be remiss not to mention that You & Yours delicious craft cocktails are now available in CANS! Yeah, baby, yeah! Here’s three Ready-to-drink offerings that all clock in at a “sessionable” 7.5%. Plus, Jeremy and Ken were privileged to sample an ultra speciall barrel-aged edition of Winter Gin. We just wanted to brag about that part.

  • Gin & Tonic Ready-to-drink and in the can, man! Made with Y&Y Sunday Gin, this is a crisp and citrusy delight that will surprise gin-haters and satisfy gin aficionados.
  • Vodka Soda w/A Splash of Cranberry…and then some. You know, kinda like that ‘safe’ drink for your non-beer drinking date at a dive bar—but way, WAY better!
  • Vodka Mule. Based on a formulation that’s been previously available in the You & Yours East Village tasting room, where, instead of using bottled ginger ale, the You & Yours team actually make their OWN ginger root, peach bitters, lime juice, syrup concoction.
  • And finally, the afore-mentioned, one and only Winter Gin. We LOVE this gin, and you will too. Like all You & Yours spirits, this crystal clear, aromatic dram is distilled from GRAPES (rather than traditional grain), which makes this spirit both gluten free, richly bodied and oh-so smooth. At the risk of playing upon your FOMO anxieties, we should mention that THIS particular version is from Y&Y provisional Barrel-Rested series. Letting the gin rest comfortably in a bourbon barrel results in a beautiful blending of baking spice (bourbon) and bright citrusy spice (gin). The famous peppercorn and clove profile from You & Yours Winter Gin make this an AMAZING libation innovation. Jillyin says (and we quote) “It’s like your grandmother played with your hair and made you a sandwich.” Indeed.