Rock & Roll Happy Hour with Señor Grubby's

Are you lonesome tonight?

February 10, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day, Losers! Time to Eat (and Drink) Your Hearts Out!

OK, if you’re like us, you’ve just about had it with all those hoity-toity promotions describing a string quartet-backed lavish night out for lovers on Valentine’s Day. “Bah! Bedbugs!” say we! How about something for us real people? Maybe even something we can show up for solo and still have a swell time? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you—The 4th Annual Los Lonelies Valentine’s Mixer at Señor Grubby’s in Carlsbad. It’s a beer & wine & chocolate pairing, but with TACOS! And with great food and drink specials all night long, it won’t bleed your wallet either. Now that’s something you can sink your teeth into.

We’ll be joined by the folks from Team Grubby’s Friday evening, who’ll be giving us a little taste of what’s in store for next Tuesday’s love fest. They’ve of course got the tacos handled, while AleSmith Brewing Company is supplying the beer and So Rich! Artisan Handmade Chocolates is bringing the sweet stuff. Here’s a sexy sampler to whet your appetites. Read on…

  • My Bloody Valentine w/ Milk-Dipped Salted Vanilla Caramel The brew is a sinfully red, malty-hoppy mashup that will leave you longing for more. (So get it while you can—it’s seasonal!) And when you top it off with Johnna’s caramel confectionary concoction…cue up your favorite 70’s bow-chicka-wow-wow soundtrack. Oh yeah…
  • Speedway Stout w/ Dark Ghost Chile Chocolate OR Dark Raspberry Truffle Truthfully, you could pair AleSmith’s awesome, world-renowned stout with yesterday’s cold mashed potatoes and it it would still be magical. Maybe that’s why we haven’t made up our minds on which chocolate to go with. Might have to make it a threesome…
  • Lil’ Devil w/…with…umm…? Looks like Darby and the crew over at Grubby’s are still experimenting with multiple partners. Nom nom nom nom. Yo, D! Save some for the rest of us, will ya? Guess you’ll have to tune in to see just who the happy couple turns out to be. Cheers!

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