Rock & Roll Happy Hour with Latitude 33

Now In Color Coded Cans For The Easily Confused!

September 22, 2017

Our friends from Latitude 33 in Vista decided to sneak away from brewing Blood Orange IPA for a few minutes and brought us plenty of beer to talk about tonight. Here’s the lineup.

  • Blonde Cartel (YELLOW) Have your pilsner-tippling pals try this one on for size. 5.1%
  • Origin Pale (BLUE) Rather malt forward, more traditional pale ale than what many young folk in San Diego are accustomed to. Give it a try. Crisp and satisfying. 5.4%
  • Blood Orange IPA (RED) This uber popular fruited IPA has Latitude 33 brewers working overtime. Will please IPA fans and craft beer newbies alike. Beautiful. 7.2%
  • Syndicate Saison (MAROON) Light-bodied and quaffable with a hint of tartness from the rhubarb. You’d never even guess there’s basil involved, but for the dry, palate cleansing finish with a touch of herby goodness. 5.3%
  • Lost Cities IPA (PURPLE) Purple haziness indeed. This is a throwback to more traditional piney/citrusy hop varieties with a smooth, full mouth feel. And no, you totally can’t see through it at all, dude. 6.2%