Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Urge Gastropub

Urge Gastropub, We Salute You!

July 28, 2017

Zak and Grant were just a couple of local kids from the then sleepy, master planned community of Rancho Bernardo. Known primarily for its ubiquitous red tile roofs, golf courses and very slow moving, octogenarian-piloted luxury sedans, RB was an unlikely candidate for becoming a craft hotspot. However, soon after returning from college, business degrees in hand, the guys decided that amidst the “wasteland of strip malls and chain eateries” they were going to create a restaurant that was the sort of place where they’d like to hang out. Thus, The Barrel Room Wine Bar and Bistro was established in 2007. But this is a craft beer-focused show, so we’re going to fast forward to 2010, when, having learned many valuable lessons in the food and beverage biz, Grant and Zak (now joined by Zak’s equally business savvy brother, Nate) created a craft beer and gourmet burger Shangri-La next door forever known as Urge Gastropub. Since then, other Urge locations and craft beer havens have since opened up and have been a driving force in San Diego’s craft scene.

Grant is joining us on this week’s R&R HH to talk about the weekend long celebration of Urge RB’s 7th Anniversary. There’ll be beer, burgers, music and “live T-shirt making” (whatever the heck that is) and we’ll be sampling a bit of the festivities here at the studio.