Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring the Third Annual San Diego Homebrew Festival and Competition

Bake Sale? We Don’t Need No Stinking Bake Sale! Bring On The Brews!

March 5, 2018

Two words we rarely get enthused about hearing from our friends and neighbors? How about “SCHOOL FUNDRAISER.” Seriously folks, how much wrapping paper and cookies do we need!? Well good news everyone! This time it’s not another bake sale or “seasonal carnival.” Or scented candles. Nope. IT’S A BEER FEST! And a really cool one at that!

Turns out that some of the parents of Jefferson Elementary students are both uber beer geeks AND talented home brewers. Which makes perfect sense, as the school is located in North Park. (Would we expect anything less?) And who can resist drinking beer for a good cause? That’s why, on Saturday, March 10th, the Friends of Jefferson are staging the Third Annual San Diego Homebrew Festival and Competition to raise much needed funds for kids’ educational programs.

Most of San Diego’s awesome breweries have their roots in home brewing, and in fact, the winner of last year’s competition is now the founder of a brand new local brewery. Rest assured, the brew that flows on Saturday ain’t the stuff from your next door neighbor that you reluctantly sip out of politeness. This is good sh*t. In addition to the 35 homebrews entered into the competition, there will be some established professional breweries tapping their kegs as well. You are guaranteed a good time. And remember, it’s for the kids!

For tonight’s show we’ve got homebrewer/parent Erick, festival coordinator/parent Geena, and beer lover/Friends President Andy joining us. They’ve brought four anonymously brewed beers (they are entries in a competition, after all) and here they are:

  • A fine Oatmeal Stout: Chocolate and roast and smoothness thanks to flaked oats. 4.8%
  • A Tasty IPA: Crisp orange juice Juicy juice. Not a contestant, but being poured at festival, so we know what it’s got Warrior, Azaca, Medusa & Mosaic. SD super ale yeast. 6.8%
  • An Elegant Belgian-style Dubbel  8.7%
  • A HUGE Irish Stout: Not anything at all like a Guinness, so put that assumption away. Black strap molasses. Chris and Matt from Growler Hour 9% Still roasty, cacao nibs, dark fruit, black patent malt, 9%

Again the Home Brew Fest is on Saturday, March 10th, in the North Park Observatory parking lot (you know where THAT is!) Tickets are $35. Silent auction as well. For details, visit