Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Protector Brewery

Relax, dude. It's organic!

January 19, 2018

Tonight’s show has the crew from Protector Brewery hopping aboard. (Ha! That one NEVER gets old!) Located in the Miralani Makers District (featured on our December 29th show), Protector is San Diego’s first and only certified 100% organic brewery. Sounds a little hippy-dippy to some of you, does it? Don’t let founder and brewmaster Sean hear any of that nonsense. He’s a former Navy SEAL. That’s right. We salute Sean for his service, his beer, and (he credits wife and biz partner Corey for this one) brewing up category-defying creations with nothing but organically produced ingredients—right down to the specialty yeasts, after which some of the beers are named. There are indeed serious bragging rights to be had here. In addition to Sean and Corey, Amanda and Ashley from the tasting room are here to liven up the studio along with some growlers of awesome beer. Cheers!

Tonight’s menu:

  • BEAST…umm, based on Sean's  description, we're not sure how to categorize this critter. Should be fun!