Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring The Miralani Makers District

Raising Great Brews: It Takes a Village…or an Industrial Park

December 30, 2017

Finding a brand new brewery tucked away between an auto shop and a medical supply warehouse is hardly new to San Diegans. We’ve been seeking out these hidden gems—and watching them grow into internationally renowned bastions of craft beer—for over a quarter of a century now. So what makes one particular industrial park in Mira Mesa so special, you ask?  Well, for starters, you’ll find not one, not two, not three, but FOUR microbreweries (2 Kids, Protector, Thunderhawk, & Align). And, as if that weren’t enough, Miralani Makers District, as it’s now called, boasts being home to one of San Diego’s few sake breweries, a cidery, a winery, a "juicery," and some places to grab some grub as well. And the parking is WAY easier to score than on 30th Street. With all these happy havens within easy walking distance of each other, you could easily make a day of it before Ubering it home with your safari companions. So what are you waiting for? Get thee to a cidery! AND to a brewery, AND to a meadery, AND to a winery. Tonight, we’ve got a studio full of Miralani Makers District residents joining us in the studio with libations and tow. Here’s what we’ll be sampling:

  • 2 Kids Go Buck Wild Grisette Sam and Zana are bringing in a nearly extinct and little known style of beer originally brewed for factory workers and miners. It’s meant to be refreshing and enjoyed in quantity. Milder than a saison, it possesses spicy hop notes and clocks in at an easy 2.9% abv.
  • Serpentine Passionfruit Cider Cidermaker Sean has an MS in Evolutionary Biology and, when he’s not crushing apples, is out and about chasing snakes and lizards for fun. His ciders are made by resting a dry apple cider on select fruits and herbs for a month and the results are worth waiting for. 7.0% abv.
  • Thunderhawk Alements Electric Youth Coffee Pale Ale Like us, brewmaster Jon is a fan of the legendary Naughty Sauce from Noble Ale Works and this is an outstanding tribute. Aromas of cascade and palisade hops blend beautifully with the bright notes of Salvadoran coffee from Bird Rock Roasters. So good! 5.5% abv.
  • Setting Sun Spiced Pear Sake Co-founder Keldon describes the ethos behind Setting Sun as striving to be deliciously offensive and offensively delicious. We say he and his partner in crime, Josh, have succeeded admirably! Using slow fementing german lager yeast creates a remarkable and deceptively smooth sipper. Yes, it’s 15.0%, so sipping is allowed.
  • Lost Cause Buckwheat Blossom Mead Meadmaker Billy creates his meads from a variety of honeys, giving each its unique flavor. For this one, he’s contrasted the bright and fruity flavors of orange honey with additions of coffee, chicory and vanilla, adding notes of rich toffee and caramel. As good as it sounds!
  • Charlie & Echo Kraken Sour Red.  Whoah! This bottle's loaded--almost as much as we are! The vinters wanted to create a wine for beer drinkers (RR Supplication?) and that's just what they've done. Closing out the year with a bang and a cheers!